We Can Handle ANY KIND of WordPress Related Issue... At Affordable Costs!

Whether Your WordPress is Hacked or Infected By Hard-To-Clean Malware & Spam, Or Even If You Want To Migrate Your Site From One Host to Another... You've Come To The Right Place!

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  • Expert

    We’re a team of experts here ready to tackle even the most complicated WordPress problem you throw at us! Nothing’s too difficult ’round here.

  • Affordable

    Our WordPress services won’t cost you a fortune. You’re looking at one of the most affordable yet high quality WordPress security services website on the planet!

  • Support

    We provide top-notch support to all our clients! Rarely ever would you need to wait longer than 24 hours to get a response from us to your questions/queries. How cool is that!

  • Reporting

    You get complete reporting on all your orders.

Let Me Ask You This...

  • Did you just create a bunch of websites and blogs based on WordPress but because you're a total beginner you have no clue how to manage them all?
  • Or maybe you do know tids bits of WordPress knowledge here and there but it's just so time consuming to look after all your sites all by yourself?
  • Or maybe you just started a website which became your only source of income and sometime down the line some douche bag hacked and spammed into your website? And now you don't know what to do?
  • May you're THE EXPERT but you don't have time to look after your sites?
  • Maybe you just want to simply transfer your WordPress site from one host to another? Or from one domain to another? But even this is a way more technical for you?

If you said "Yes" to any of the above questions, you my friend are on the right page!

fade-leftfade-rightWho Are We?

slide_04You can think of us as your WordPress Doctors!

We fix any problem you're facing with your WordPress sites, from minor injuries to open heart surgery!

We'got several years of experience under our belt and we've dealt with almost any kind of WordPress issues you may be facing. Whether it's a simple WordPress installation or recovering a website that has been brutally hacked and attacked - Nothing's too difficult for us.

If you've ever had to fix a WordPress error, you know how time consuming, difficult and expensive that can be. That's where WE come into the picture. Our goal is to provide quick WordPress services, at a budget almost anyone can afford.

Packages & Plans

WP Installation
  • 24 hours express delivery
  • Free themes
  • Free tips report
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WP Migration
  • 48 hours delivery
  • Free themes
  • Free tips report
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Website Hacked?
  • Spam injected?
  • Malwares in your site?
  • Strange looking characters on your home page?
  • Missing files?
  • Password stolen?
  • Something else?
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Q. How soon can I expect to get the job done?

A. Depending on the package you order, it can take 24 to 72 hours for us to complete your order.

Q. Do I need to send you my WordPress login details?

A. Yes, we'll need access to your WordPress admin and in some cases we'll also need access to your cpanel.


Q. Is there any guarantee for your work?

A. Yes, we make 100% guarantee on our work. We guarantee that you'll be satisfied by our service.

Q. My WordPress site is badly attacked, can you help?

A. Sure, just click the "Get a free quote" button and let us know what's going on with your site and we'll get back to your with a quotation and time-frame in which we can fix your issues.